Design and manufacture supervision of hydraulic machinery and steel structures is another distinctive professional domain of ECIDI, including design, consultation, equipment manufacture supervision and EPC-based project contracting for different steel gate (trashracks) and relating hoist, open penstock, shiplock and shiplift of hydro projects, and for steel structures of industrial and civil buildings.

 With several decades of engineering practice, ECIDI has accumulated rich experiences in design of hydraulic machinery for water conservancy and hydropower projects, and especially, has made plentiful accomplishments in new technical application and scientific and technological innovation. The 2x500t vertical shiplift of Shuikou HPP (which is the largest one among similar shiplifts in China, applying several advanced equipment such as safety lock and end-to-end joint device, and creates a new record in China); the 2¡Á1300kN double-cylinder hydraulic hoist of Shaxikou HPP (which is the first double-cylinder back-pulling hydraulic hoist for radial gate in China); booster-type hydraulic hoist for Shuikou spillway (which is a patented creative approach for large-sized gate operation, especially for radial gates on high and open spillway); the radial gate mounted with hinged flash gate in Gaosha and Banzhu HPPs (which solves the problem of trash discharging for power stations, and was praised by users and awarded Third Prize for national Scientific and Technical Advancement issued by Water Resources and Hydropower Planning and Design General Institute). ECIDI also conducted technical research on trash-drifting for hydropower stations (entrusted by the former State Power Corporation), accumulated plenty of experiences in trash discharging and trash drifting of run-of-river type power stations, designed large-sized movable flap gates by introduction of foreign technologies (which is used in Anhui Meitan HPP and Fujian Dongguan HPP), developed the internal-mounted opening-measuring apparatus, travel and opening detecting devices and anti-deflection device for radial-gates, and designed the water gate with single span over a hundred meters at Suzhou River estuary in Shanghai and metal structure surface treatment for the Three-Gorges Project. These directly reflect the powerful design strength of ECIDI.

In the field of hydraulic machinery and steel structure design, ECIDI has got 6 utility-type patents in China, and 9 design and scientific research items awarded prizes for national scientific and technical advancement issued by province, ministry or professional trade.


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