Engineering Capability

Over the past 6 decades of experiments and practices, we expand our business mainly on the following core sectors such as electricity, municipal works, construction, roads, waterway, agriculture and forestry, ocean engineering, water conservancy and railways. Our company has over 1,600 authorized patents, including 260 inventions and over 300 software copyrights. We have gradually established several national and provincial R&D centers in regards to digital engineering, pumped storage, smart transportation, offshore wind power, smart city and etc.

We possess internationally advanced technologies in design of hydropower stations with high dams and large reservoirs under complex geological conditions, investigation and design of deep-buried long and large underground caverns, and treatment of high slopes under complex geological conditions.

We gradually formed our core technical capability in the whole process development for offshore wind power and remote shore wind power projects. We concentrate on studies and explorations on various renewables such as solar power, tidal power, geothermal power, tidal current energy, wave energy. We possess competitive capacity in providing services of whole industry chain integration and total solutions for clients around the globe.

We provide whole-process planning scheme for the city, as a systematic solution provider for city management, showing our technical advantages in complex and comprehensive urban construction and environmental development fields. We process outstanding capability in building railway transportation, applying BIM technology of municipal tunnels, constructing municipal roads and underground utility tunnels.

We have formed core capabilities concerning ecological environment treatment in providing all-round and leading services covering industrial investment, planning, design, construction, operation and technology. Nowadays, HDEC has become a well-known brand in water environment and water affairs treatment projects in China.