Digital & Intelligent Capability

202003241704365054.pngHDEC is among the first group of enterprises in China to carry out digital engineering, cooperative and integrated design. We deliver assets and services with professional information management and sophisticated digital engineering technologies to clients across the globe.

In November 2009, jointly with Bentley®, HDEC established the ECIDI-BENTLEY China Engineering Design Software Research Center. In March 2016, the ECIDI-BENTLEY BIM Engineering Advancement Academy was founded. HDEC continues to develop software applications and carry out promotions of BIM-powered solutions. Additionally, HDEC spot the light on training talents in engineering 3D digitalization for clients, science and research institutions and governmental departments globally.

3D Digital Design Solutions

·Based on the idea of “one platform, one model and one data architecture”

·Successfully implemented in over 200 large-sized infrastructure projects

·Purchased and applied by more than 50 enterprises.

Solutions and Cases for Smart City

·Based on the CIM concept,1+N framework, and GIS/BIM/IoT technology, we can create a digital twin city that reflects the real city. This  digital model covers the basic information BIM Model, IoT, Time &Space Data, Smart Application, Standard System, etc.

Smart Water Affairs

·Based on data collection, data analysis, facility management, and decision making, monitoring and analyzing the entire urban water cycle which includes storm water, sewage, drinking water, groundwater, and surface water.

·Analyzing and managing water-related problems with regard to water resources, water security, water environment, water conservation, water ecology and hydraulic facilities, supporting project planning, design, construction and operation in the smart water way.

CyberEng Engineering Digitization Brand Management and Case Study

We adhere to the principle of "BIM as the carrier, project management as the core, and mobile application as the key", aiming at delivering digital management solutions for the whole engineering life cycle to clients around the globe. Our capabilities cover all fields in the industry, and continue providing intelligent services for each stage of engineering.

Consultancy Services

Providing whole-process digital and smart solutions

We provide digital and smart solutions for the whole process of engineering projects, such as smart water affairs (smart water consultancy, smart water software platform design & sales, smart garden consultancy) and smart city affairs (consultancy, development, maintenance, training, planning and evaluation).