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POWERCHINA HUADONG Engineering Corporation Limited (HDEC) is one of the globally leading engineering and construction firms. HDEC is powered by innovative digital technologies designed to meet our clients’ demands and exceed their expectations.

With our extensive and proven experience, we provide dynamic, smart, and effective solutions to a multitude of complex technical challenges worldwide. HDEC is a top affiliated enterprise of POWERCHINA, with a core competence of infrastructure, new energy and water oriented projects.

  • NO.8

    China’s top 100 survey and design companies in terms of comprehensive strength(N0.8)

  • NO.10

    The top 60 Chinese engineering design companies(NO.10)

  • NO.48

    The top 80 Chinese contractors(NO.48)

Provide Engineering Services to Promote Harmony between Man and Nature.
Hydropower & Water Conservancy
· Total installed capacity 85GW in more than 40 countries
· Core technical capability ranks NO.1 worldwide
· 45% domestic market share in China Pumped-storage
New Energy
· 30,000 MW total installed capacity of wind farms completed and under construction
· 3 GW total design & installed capacity in photovoltaic power
Power Grid
· 35kV~500kV, 130+
· Core technical capability
· Leading EPC contractor
Urban & Rural Planning
We provide overall solutions to urban development and render leading service on the whole process from blue print design to final implementation.
HDEC keeps pursuing the idea of "green architecture" that stresses on ergonomics, energy efficiency, environmental protection and harmony with nature.
Road >3,000 km, Tunnels >200, Bridges >70,
Metro stations and sections >100,
Countries >30
Ecology & Environment
Pilot projects of basin ecological improvement and sponge cities >1,000,
Harnessed rivers >6,000 km,
Treated municipal pipes >8,000 km
Water Affairs
Water projects completed >200,
With over 10 sewage treatment plants and water plants ownership
IT & Digital
HDEC is among the first group of enterprises in China to carry out engineering digital cooperative design and integration of design and construction.


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