Successful Completion of 3# Irrigated Area of China-aided Irrigation Project in Kyrgyzstan

       On April 19, 3# Irrigated Area of the China-aided Irrigation System Renovation Project in Kyrgyzstan, which was managed by POWERCHINA Huadong Engineering Corporation Limited (HDEC), was successfully completed and put into operation, 10 days ahead of schedule.

       As the sluice of canal headwork slowly opened, the trickle of clear water flows into the canal instantly. Located in Aker Oren village in Issyk Kul Region of Kyrgyzstan, 3# irrigated area is the second flow-through irrigation canal among the six irrigated areas of the China-aided Irrigation Project in Kyrgyzstan. A total of 26 kilometers of irrigation canals have been built in the irrigated area, 2,482 hectares of new irrigated area have been increased for the local area, and the probability of water supply area of 1,600 hectares of farmland has been improved. It is of positive significance to improve the low water availability of agriculture in the local area and will bring good social and economic benefits to Kyrgyzstan.

       Since the construction of the China-aided Irrigation System Renovation Project in Kyrgyzstan started, it has been highly concerned by the governments of China and Kyrgyzstan as well as the domestic media and people of Kyrgyzstan. The Chinese Ambassador to Kyrgyzstan and the two presidents of Kyrgyzstan have successively inspected the project and fully affirmed the work of the project team. At present, the construction of the project is still underway in an orderly manner. HDEC will continue to contribute its wisdom and strength to the profound friendship between China and Kyrgyzstan.

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