First Single Pile Foundation Sinking in Tra Vinh Hiep Thanh Offshore Wind Power Project, Vietnam

      On March 31, pile sinking works at first single pile foundation in Hiep Thanh 78MW Offshore Wind Power Project in Tra Vinh, Vietnam contracted by HDEC as an EPC project were successfully completed.

The Hiep Thanh Project lies in sea area near Tra Vinh in southeast of Vietnam, with a total installed capacity of 78MW. The Project is one of the first batch of offshore wind power projects in Vietnam, and is one of the representative overseas projects conducted by Chinese offshore wind power project team in the EPC mode.

In the design scheme for foundation of WTGS in the Project, single pile foundation is adopted. With such design, HDEC faced unprecedented challenges, greater technical difficulties and uncertainties about various site conditions involving engineering geology, marine hydrology etc., and was also required to comply with higher and stringent requirements from various third-party participants including European investors, European and American supervisors and world-famous maritime inspection authorities. HDEC made arrangement and organized various departments and disciplines to assign key staff to overcome difficulties both by day and by night, thereby laying a solid foundation for steady progress of the Project.

The project team, facing the market background of short supply in ships and machinery as well as resources for production under "installation rush" in offshore wind power projects in China and also the unfavorable situation of shortage in global logistics resources under the influence by COVID-19, mobilized the operation in multiple aspects and guaranteed the provision of resources in advance, thereby realizing a reliable guarantee to timely arrival of machinery and resources to project site. The project team organized the construction contractors to keep monitoring the weather conditions and sea conditions and to timely seize the favorable work conditions, thereby having successfully and safely completed the pile sinking works at first single pile foundation at one fling during 3 periods of rising tide.

People of HDEC are devoted to offshore projects and never stop building a blue dream of offshore wind power projects both in China and abroad. With "Design by China", "Made in China" and "Equipment from China", the Pillars of a Great Power made another significant progress to overseas markets. The project team will make persistent efforts and go all out to promote the successful completion of the Project.

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