Rewa River Water Supply Project in Fiji Inspected by Fijian Prime Minister

Fiji, a beautiful island country in the South Pacific, always attracts incalculable tourists with its excellent ecological environment. POWERCHINA, as the first Chinese enterprise awarded the "Gold Card" for environmental protection services by Fijian Government, has "strengths" and "actions" of "construction in protection and protection in construction", and the projects undertaken by it is related to "water", so it has received high attention from Fiji's important government leaders and people.

At local time 13:00 pm, May 6, Bainimarama, Prime Minister of Fiji, and his entourages inspected the Rewa River Water Supply Project, a livelihood project under construction and with the largest investment in Fiji, implemented by Sinohydro Bureau 10 - HDEC Joint Venture.


Prime Minister Bainimarama (middle) was inspecting the water treatment plant

Prime Minister and his entourages listened to the significance of project construction for Fiji's economic development and people's livelihood improvement, and required the Project Department to make every effort for epidemic prevention and stick to safety & housekeeping for the purpose of ensuring the safety, schedule and quality, and making mutual efforts for Fiji's better future.

Later, Prime Minister and his entourages visited the water treatment plant, reservoir and other facilities under construction, and operated the survey instruments in person. He fully recognized the working attitude of Sinohydro Bureau 10 - HDEC Joint Venture which strictly complies with the Contract as a responsible international contractor.


Prime Minister Bainimarama listening to the Project Report

The Rewa River Water Supply Project currently under construction is the third project signed in Fiji by PowerChina following Nadarivatu Renewable Energy Project and Vinisauluu Dam Upgrading Project. Sinohydro Bureau 10 - HDEC Joint Ventures undertake the DBO of the Project. In the area where the Project is located, 95% of the population uses the water only from two water plants. Once affected by season and other factors, both of them are basically in full load operation. The implementation of the Project will reduce the local dependence on the existing two water plants, relieve the water supply pressure of the capital of Fiji, guarantee the needs of nearly 300,000 persons for drinking and using clean water resources, and allow the local people to use the reassuring "Fijian Water".


Naqali Pipe Bridge under Construction

Fiji is a country that attaches great importance to environmental protection. During the project construction, the Project Department strictly abides by the relevant provisions of the government on environmental protection, and make every effort in environmental protection in many aspects, which has been highly recognized by the Ministry of Waterways and Environment of Fiji. Previously, for the good performance of the Rewa River Water Supply Project, Sinohydro Bureau 10 - HDEC won the "Gold Card VIP" awarded by the government and became the first Chinese enterprise to win this honor in Fiji.