Congratulations on Achievement of Commercial Operation Date of Thailand Bo Thong Wind Farm Project

      10am on August 16, under the witness of the Owner, the Supervisor, PEA, Bo Thong Wind Farm Project contracted by HDEC successfully passed the power quality test and 240 Hourly reliability operation test, with the utilization rate at 99%, marking that the project successfully realized the full power generation, and officially put into commercial run.

      The project is located in Mukdahan in the northeast of Thailand near Laos. All wind turbine generators use SG145-4.5MW type with the hub at height of 157.5m, which makes the project “the highest” among all the overseas projects contracted by HDEC! At the beginning of 2020, when Bo Thong Wind Farm Project entered the main civil construction stage, due to the remote project site, it is short of construction resources and local staff. Besides, the project requires strict European and American technical standards at all stages, therefore it becomes extremely difficult during project implementation stage. However, the project team tried the best to organize domestic and international resources, transferred engineers from Pakistan, established complete project management systems, and strengthened cooperation and communication with participating units and HDEC Headquarter via online methods in the harsh environment of COVID-19 epidemic. In the end, project team solved all the difficulties and cleared all the obstacles to timely fulfill the job.

      "Complete a project, and build a monument", the project team has always adhered to high standards and strict requirements. With the strong support and help from the leaders of HDEC and various parties, the project team have united and worked together to achieve the key milestone successfully.


Overview of the Wind Farm


Overview of the Switching Station


Medium Voltage Switchgear


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