Congratulations on Commercial Operation of Master Green Wind Power Project

        Pakistan, August 20 - At 3pm, the Master Green Wind Power Project has successfully completed 168-hour reliability running test (RRT) stipulated in the Energy Purchase Agreement (EPA), witnessed by Pakistan Power Purchaser (CPPA), Indie Engineer (IE), Owner, Supervisor, HDEC Project Team, Siemens Gamesa, and operation & maintenance team. The availability rate of the wind farm during the trial operation period was as high as 99.86%, which was much higher than the 85% required by the EPA, creating a new record for the availability rate during the trial operation of the Pakistan wind power project contracted by our company! The successful completion of the trial operation of the Master Green marks the official commercial operation of the first project in the new round of wind power projects in Pakistan.

        The Master Green Wind Power Project officially started on September 3, 2019, which was the first wind power project to start under the Pakistan's new round of electricity price policy. The installed capacity of the project is 50MW, with 25 Siemens Gamesa 2MW double-fed wind turbine. The height of the wind tu rbine hub is 93m, and the diameter of the wind turbine is 114m.

        The project was severely impacted by the COVID-19 epidemic at the beginning of construction period, when the equipment could not be delivered on schedule during the strict quarantine, the engineers and construction teams could not enter the site due to the international flight suspension, as well as serious local outbreak . Under such situation that both production and epidemic prevention must be grasped and both traditional and non-traditional HSE must be secured, the implementation pressure for the project was overwhelmed. In addition to the COVID-19, the stringent power grid approval regulations and lengthy approval procedures of the Pakistan Power Grid (NTDC), have brought huge challenges to project implementation.

        Despite the difficulties, the project team is unyielding and fearless. With the care and guidance of leaders at all levels of the company, the project team focused both on epidemic prevention and production, overcoming obstacles along the way, and won the final victory, which laid a solid foundation for the smooth performance of the Pakistan projects!