Vietnam Tra Vinh II Offshore Wind Power Project Completes WTGs Installation

Vietnam, August 28 - At 6 o'clock, the Vietnam Tra Vinh II Offshore Wind Power EPC Project, belonging to HDEC’s Vietnam Offshore Wind Power Project group took the lead in completing the major node of all WTGs installation, becoming the first overseas offshore wind power project in POWERCHINA Group to complete the installation. This is the first successful application of domestic wind turbines and the monopile foundation designed by HDEC in overseas offshore wind power market, making Chinese design, Chinese manufacturing, and Chinese speed imprint deeply on the Vietnamese sea.


Vietnam Tra Vinh II Offshore Wind Power Project, contracted by HDEC is located in Badong Beach Scenic Area, Tra Vinh Vietnam. The project is equipped with 12 GOLDWIND 4.5MW WTGs with a total capacity of 54MW, and are distributed in a row. The hub height is 100m, the impeller diameter is 155 m, and the single pile foundation type without transition section is adopted. The project started the first single-pile foundation pile sinking construction on June 3 and completed the installation of all WTGs on August 28. The main construction of the wind farm was completed within 3 months, which perfectly explained the efficiency of our company to Vietnamese investors and the local government, fully demonstrated the advantage of speed of monopile foundations in offshore wind power projects and was highly appraised by the project owners.


During the construction of the project, the epidemic situation of COVID-19 in Vietnam was rapidly spreading due to Delta virus. The prevention and control in Ho Chi Minh City was out of control that the hospital was overcrowded, the city was locked down, the port delivery reported emergencies, and the personnel were hard to enter or leave Vietnam……Though faced with the such difficulties under the epidemic and a series of challenges including typhoons and time pressures from China and Vietnam, the project team grabbed time to construct single piles, wind turbines, installation ships without complaints. With the care and support from leaders of HDEC, a group of young people whose average age is less than 30 years old and whose stay in Vietnam is no less than 8 months averagely actively practiced the enterprise spirit of HDEC namely “Responsibility, Efficiency, Best”.


Sharpen the stone and turn it from blunt to sharp. All employees of the project group and the project department will seize the time and pursue the efforts to complete the remaining work in a highly efficient and orderly manner. We will be committed to striving forward until the commercial operation date of the project comes.