FAS 69MWp Solar Power Project in Ukraine Enters Commercial Operation

Ukraine, September 22 - At 17:35 pm local time, witnessed by Ukraine grid company DTEK, KYIVOBLENERGO, Ukrenergo, the Ukrainian FAS 69MWp Solar Power Project completed the reverse power transmission of 110KV booster station at once. According to DTEK and the Owner, the grid connection for power generation in three project sites will be completed on September 28, 2021 and then enter the trial operation stage.

The FAS 69MWp Solar Power Project in Ukraine is undertaken in the mode of EPC+F by POWERCHINA Huadong Engineering Corporation Limited (HDEC), who is responsible for the project financing operation during the construction period. The project, which should be completed within six months, is featured by complicated commercial and financing contract, with a number of stakeholders involved in. Since it is the first renewable energy EPC project of HDEC in the European market, we were not familiar with the technical specifications and other requirements in the beginning, and we found it difficult to communicate with non-English speakers. Moreover, we also came across such great challenges as complex local social environment, scarce engineering construction resources, high local acceptance standards, numerous departments and complicated procedures involved in and so on. However, the project team actively played its role in shouldering responsibility to overcome difficulties, and strictly carried forward the corporate spirit of “Responsibility, Efficiency, Excellence”, and eventually we fulfilled the duty of grid connection with high quality and full quantity assured.

Sharpening makes a mighty sword, and cold makes a blooming winter sweet. The successful grid connection of FAS 69MWp Solar Power Project in Ukraine marked the beginning of a new chapter for our company in European market. Taking the opportunity of Ukraine's vigorous development in renewable energy business, we will continue our efforts in improving team’s capabilities and project management skill through market development and contract implementation, so as to furtherly increase the brand influence of HDEC, as well as cultivate and expand our market in Europe.