Ecology & Environment

By virtue of 60 years technical experience in water affairs, we undertook over 1,000 pilot projects about basin ecological improvement and sponge cities, harnessed rivers for over 6,000 km, and treated municipal pipes for over 8,000 km.

Putting the concept of ecology-oriented and green development through the whole process of engineering, we have been actively exploring the harmonious and balanced point between engineering construction and ecological environment development, so as to enhance the co-existence of human and nature with the assistance of technological advances. We built a group of landmark projects in the areas of environment protection, water and soil conservation, ecological renovation, and solid waste disposal. We contributed ourselves in creating a more wonderful world with our outstanding engineering technology and intelligence.

As we developed city smart management system on water affairs on our own, we can provide all-round and leading services for water environment treatment. Nowadays, HDEC has become a well-known brand in water environment and water affairs treatment projects in China.

Dongyang Wetland Park

Underwater Lifting Stage in G20 Hangzhou Submit Performance

The world's largest lifting stage underwater

Beijing-Hangzhou Canal Improvement Project

Changchun Xinkai River Comprehensive Treatment Project in Jilin Province

Shenzhen Maozhou River Water Environment Improvement Project

Wanlongwan Waterlogged Area Improvement Project, Pingxiang City, Jiangxi Province

First group of pilot sponge city in China

Vegetation Restoration of Rock-cut Slope in Guohua Ninghai Power Station

Water and Soil Conservation Project in National Oil Reserve Base, Zhoushan City

Environmental Impact Assessment for Hubei Shiyan 500kv Power Transmission & Transformation Project

Lishui Wulinggen Household Waste Landfill, Zhejiang Province (400 ton/day)

Chizhou Harbor Project in Anhui Province, China

Malaysia Melaka Gateway Reclamation Project