Water Affairs

As a reputed water project contractor in China, HDEC has completed over 200 water projects concerning water treatment, industrial wastewater, urban sewage treatment, reclaimed water treatment and sea water desalination, etc., either by means of design/consultation, EPC or BOT.

In recent years, HDEC has given a full play of its technical advantages, engineering experiences and investment/financing capabilities by a series of water project investments in respect of sewage treatment, running-water supply, and desalination, etc. Its key competitiveness has taken shape that addresses all aspects of a water project, e.g. planning/design, EPC, investment/financing/acquisition, system integration, R&D and operation, etc. Over 10 sewage treatment plants and water plants are now under HDEC’s control.

Malabar Wastewater Catchments EPC Project, Trinidad & Tobago (40,000t/d)

Liuheng Seawater Desalination Project, Zhoushan (40,000 t/d)

·Largest municipal desalination project in China

Integrated Urban & Rural Water Supply Project in Tiantai County

Yancang Sewage Treatment Project, Phases I, II & III (160,000t/d)

Investment Project for Jiangyin Sewage Treatment Plant in Fujian

Xinyi Economic Development Zone Water Treatment Plant